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WITC is the college of choice for students who wish to pursue associate degrees, technical diplomas, or short-term certificate training and for those presently employed who wish to advance in their careers. In many cases, area employers contract with the college for customized training consisting of specific courses that are developed and taught by WITC instructors at an employer’s work site. In the area of skilled trades, WITC provides instruction for apprentices in cooperation with employers and the state of Wisconsin.

Students say they enroll at WITC because the college offers the programs they want, has smaller personalized classes, is located close to home, and the degrees can be completed in two years or less. Follow-up surveys show that WITC graduates are overwhelmingly satisfied with the education they receive.


Courses are scheduled to enable full-time students who enter the fall term (first semester), and carry a full program credit load, to complete all graduation requirements within two or four semesters, depending on their program. WITC cannot guarantee that specific courses will be available as needed to students entering programs at midyear, enrolling part-time, and/or students with non-sequenced academic schedules; nor can we guarantee that a program will not be suspended or discontinued prior to a student’s completion.