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You can earn college credit for advanced standing courses or transcripted credit coursework while in high school. Ask your high school counselor or instructor for options avail­able through your high school.

Advanced Standing

An advanced standing agreement may be developed with a high school when a high school course or courses contain competencies that are recognized as equivalent to those in a technical college course. You will earn high school credit and, if you meet the conditions identified in the advanced standing agreement, will be granted technical college credit after enrolling at the college. It is your responsibility to ini­tiate the advanced standing process by providing the tech­nical college with your high school transcript documenting the advanced standing coursework completed. You will not have to repeat coursework, will receive technical college credit, and will save money on college tuition.

Transcripted Credit

An actual technical college course, using college textbooks and materials, is taught to high school students in a high school setting. An agreement between the technical college and high school spells out conditions you must meet to successfully complete the course. The course is taught by your high school instructor and college credits are awarded and recorded on a technical college transcript upon suc­cessful completion of the course.

Advanced Standing.