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College Credit for your Work/Life Learning

Do you have work, volunteer, or other life learning experiences that might fulfill program requirements?

WITC uses a portfolio method to document learning through prior work, military, volunteer, education, training, and/or other life experience to assess equivalency to WITC course competencies. To begin the process, review the templates below to determine if you have the skills and knowledge covered in the course. To continue the process, check the portfolio template to see if a meeting with the academic dean or instructor is highly recommended or required. If a meeting is required, you must schedule a time to meet in person or phone call. If a meeting is highly recommended, you may either schedule a meeting with the dean or instructor to assure you are proceeding correctly or use the Experiential Learning Portfolio Tutorial linked below to develop your portfolio independently. If you need assistance contacting the dean or instructor, you may contact the Credit for Prior Learning Contact at your nearest campus.

You can use the Experiential Learning Portfolio Tutorial below to guide you as you complete your Portfolio. When completed, submit the portfolio to the campus Credit for Prior Learning contact to begin the review process.

Experiential Learning Portfolio Tutorial

Experiential Learning Portfolio Templates:


Family and Consumer

General Studies

Trade and Technical

Form requires pdf to view  (Adobe Acrobat required).

Prior Learning Assessment Overview Video