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Apply to Earn a Certificate

Q.  How do I apply?

You must complete a Technical College Application for Admissions indicating the certificate you wish to work toward and turn it into the Student Services Office

A printable form may be downloaded from the link below. 

Printable Application Form  Form requires pdf to view  (Adobe Acrobat required).


Complete your Application online  - NOTE: Fill out the online application and press "Submit" and  pay with a credit card.  Once in that screen, enter the card as a Visa using 4 as your first number followed by 1's to complete the 16 digit card number. Use 3 fours for the security number. This will allow you to submit your application without actually entering your credit card information.

Q.  Are there application fees?

No, there are no application fees collected when you apply for a certificate program. (See NOTE above if applying online.)

Q.  Do I have to take an assessment test to get into a certificate?

No, however some individual courses may require an assessment for placement.

Q.  Will I be eligible for Financial Aid if I'm enrolled in a certificate?

No, stand alone certificates are not eligible for financial aid. However, if you are already a program major and are taking courses with that degree program that will give you the course credits needed to complete a certificate you are eligible to apply for financial aid.

Q.  How do I know what courses to take?

Visit certificate Web pages on WITC's Web site for list of course requirements, or see WITC's college catalog.

Q.  How do I get my certificate when I've completed all the courses?

You will need to complete an Intent to Graduate form and turn it in to the Student Services office. This is the same form completed by degree-seeking students when they complete their degree coursework. There is no charge for Intent to Graduate form completion.

Q.  Will I have an advisor?

If you are enrolled for six or more credits, you will be assigned an advisor. Contact Student Services for your advisor assignment.

Q.  Are students enrolled in a certificate eligible to to purchase student software?

Yes, you must complete an application declaring the certificate to assure eligibility.

Q.  Is there a grade point average (GPA) required for successful completion of a certificate?

Yes, your cumulative grade point average must be at least 2.0 or a grade of "C" for awarding a certificate. Some certificates have higher requirements. Check each certificate for requirements.

More Questions?

For more information about the admissions process, or if you would like a personal consultation, please call 800.243.9482 or contact a campus Admissions Advisor.