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Transfer Credit

WITC will transfer previous credits that you have earned from other accredited colleges and universities. You will receive prior learning credits for these courses if they fulfill either required or elective courses in your chosen program at WITC.

The courses must contain the same content and you must have received a grade of 2.0 or better*.  Selected programs may adhere to higher grade standards.

There is no fee for transferring credits.

Transfer Students from other Colleges

When students transfer from another institution of higher education, they will be considered for transfer credit.  To transfer credits, request that an official transcript be submitted to the Admissions Office.

Transfer of Credit to Other Colleges

Receiving institutions will determine acceptable credit transfers.  Students enrolled at WITC who wish to continue their education should contact the college to which they wish to transfer.

Transfer of Credit to UW System Schools

Students enrolled at WITC who wish to continue their education in the University of Wisconsin System may be eligible to transfer course work several ways:

  1. Students may be able to transfer up to 21 credits of General Studies course work.
  2. Students who have successfully completed an Associate Degree may be eligible to transfer certain technical support/and or occupational credits when there is a direct relationship between the Associate Degree program and a program offered at a UW System institution.
  3. Students transferring from WITC may be eligible for earning appropriate scores on national standardized examinations (e.g., College Level Examination Program) or examinations developed by the UW System transfer institution.
  4. Students can take advantage of articulation agreements between WITC and certain UW institutions for some programs.
  5. Students can also have individual courses evaluated for transferability by UW System staff.

For more information about these transfer opportunities, consult with your college advisors and admissions staff at the college of your choice. 

You may also go to the Transfer Information System (TIS) at  This website was developed by the University of Wisconsin System in cooperation with the Wisconsin Technical College System to help students understand their options and provide information about transferring credits and programs between the the two systems.

Additionally, the Transfer Equivalency Service (TES) contains information on how courses taken previously at private Wisconsin colleges and out of state colleges will transfer to WITC. The course equivalency site lists commonly transferred courses to WITC from other institutions; the site is organized alphabetically by institution, and courses are grouped by subject area. If you do not find a course from your school listed on the site, the course may still transfer to WITC. Contact the campus credit for prior learning contact for assist.