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New Program Discovery

Composite Technology (two-year associate degree) 

Superior Campus - Starting Fall 2013

This program prepares students to be successful in today's highly competitive world of aviation composite technologies. Supported by a solid background in composite theory, students will apply their knowledge in a composite lab. A well-rounded curriculum allows students hands-on experience in all stages of the aircraft's life from design to production and repair. Coursework in the program includes CATIA, composite fabrication, composite repair and lean manufacturing.

For more information, please contact: Randy Deli, Divisional Dean - Trade and Technical


Human Resource Management (two-year associate degree)

Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, and Superior Starting Fall 2013 

The Human Resource Management program prepares students to assist organizations in effectively recruiting, developing, and utilizing their human resources. This field of employment requires knowledge and skills in the following areas: occupational job analysis, compensation, benefits, training, staffing, employee relations, workers compensation, budgeting, labor relations, performance management and coaching, safety, and human resources information systems. Careers such as Human Resource Assistant or Human Resource Specialist can be found in a non-profit, service, or manufacturing organization. Human Resource Specialists focus on areas such as employee recruitment/interviewing, employee training and development, wages and compensation, benefits, employee wellness, and occupational analysis.

For more information, please contact: Leslie Bleskachek, Divisional Dean - Business

Program Development Process Flowchart

Programming Plan 2011-2015