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Academic Affairs Goals

Goal 1:  Enhance and promote Learning Opportunities to Support the Growth and Success of Students and Employers in Northwestern Wisconsin

Objective 1:  Develop a coordinated data-driven planning process.

Objective 3:  Provide continuous improvement of processes, procedures, and business practices based on outcomes and measures.

Objective 4:  Integrate renewable energy and sustainability concepts into WITC's operations and programming.

Goal 2:  Develop Strategic Partnerships that Enhance Educational and Economic Opportunities

 Objective 2:  Improve opportunities to leverage WITC's resources before, during, and after students are enrolled.

Goal 3:  Create a Culture and Climate that Enhances Collaboration and Student Learning

Objective 5:  Foster diversity across the college.

Goal 4:  Exemplify a Learning Environment that promotes Accessibility and Success

 Objective 1:  Establish a successful and sustainable student learning assessment program.

Objective 2: Remove barriers that impede student access to programs and services.

Objective 3:  Strengthen the Prepared Learner Program.

Objective 4:  Provide services that support and enhance student success