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Academic Program Review

At Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC), all academic programs undergo a formal review on a regular basis as part of our continuous improvement efforts. In addition, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) requires each of the 16 technical colleges to conduct a regular review process of all academic programs.

The purpose of the academic program review is to determine the strengths and challenges of the existing program and to set strategies and plans of continuous improvement in order to provide future learners with more competitive skills, viable knowledge, and a quality education. This will ensure we are meeting business and industry needs by supplying a trained workforce.

Academic program review is part of the College‘s overall planning process. It is designed to assist the College in systematically evaluating the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of each program. The Academic Program Review Process includes the following steps:

I. Preparing a Program Profile

II. Completing a Self-Study

III. Analyzing the WTCS QRP Scorecard

IV. Developing an Improvement Plan & Final Portfolio

V. Feedback on the Academic Program Review Process

VI. Implementing Improvements and Progress Reports

Review teams will complete the first four steps throughout the review year. Drafts of each section will be submitted for feedback. Each program will develop and submit a final review portfolio that will document the activities of the review as well as the planned improvements.

Academic Program Review Schedule and Brochure (pdf)

2014 Listing of Programs Reviewed

2013 Listing of Programs Reviewed

2012 Listing of Programs Reviewed

2010-2011 Listing of Programs Reviewed

2009-2010 Listing of Programs Reviewed

2008-2009 Listing of Programs Reviewed

Program Review