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WITC Ashland Alumni AssociationLove Lights Ceremony 2009 (top) and Food Drive (bottom)

Chartered in 1978, the WITC Ashland Alumni Association has a full schedule of activities throughout the year.  Board members meet once every two months to plan and organize the following events and programs:

Ashland Alumni Association Board of Directors

Vice President
Roxanne Lusua
Trixie Felix
Nancy Pagac

Board Members

Jennifer Bednarik
Jim Belsky
Kay Cederberg
Trixie Felix
Stephanie Granger
Susan Anderson
Kelly Dunn
Deb Muska
Jennifer Olson
Bambi Pattermann

Meeting Dates

More information is just an e-mail away!
Robyn Lulich, College Advancement Associate
WITC Ashland
2100 Beaser Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806
(715) 682-4591, ext. 3113