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WITC Superior Alumni Association

Chartered in 1987, the WITC Superior Alumni Association has a full schedule of activities throughout the year.  Board members meet once every two months to plan and organize the following events and programs:

Superior Alumni Association Board of Directors 2015-2016

President  Mary Carlson
Vice President Steve Leino
Treasurer Steve Miller
Secretary Mary Drobot

Board Members

Danielle Bergstrom
Janice Bettschen
Emily Didlo
Amanda Granlund
Clayton Johnson
Crystal Schoeder

Rita AndersonVickie Meyers
Paul Reder
Debbie Ronding
Carrie Wallin
More information is just an e-mail away!
Jasmin Burt
College Advancement Associate-Superior
600 North 21st Street
Superior WI 54880
715.394.6677 Ext.6323
Email Jasmin Burt