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Ashland Student Activities

Clubs & Organizations

Alumni Association   -    Email Robyn Lulich, Advisor Email
We welcome and encourage anyone who has completed a WITC degree or diploma program, or any of WITC's courses, seminars, or workshops, to become a member of the Alumni Association. The WITC-Ashland Alumni Association meets periodically during the academic year and there are no membership dues.

Business Professionals of America (BPA)   -    Email Sharon Duthie, Advisor Email
Business Professionals of America is an organization open to business students. Members attend seminars, make new acquaintances, and attend competitions for professional growth. As a member of Business Professionals of America, you will:

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) - Email Mari Jo Ulrich, Advisor Email
SOTA is open to all students enrolled (full- or part-time) in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at WITC. As a SOTA member, you will:

Student Senate  -  Email Sharon Jolma, Advisor Email

All students have the opportunity to participate in student government and the planning of student activities on the WITC campus through Student Senate. WITC-Ashland's Student Senate provides educational, cultural, and fun events throughout the academic year.

The Student Senate is composed of representatives from each program and organization on campus, as well as interested students-at-large. Officers are elected into office by the student body shortly after classes begin. Any student interested in participating as either a representative or officer may contact the student life coordinator at

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a subsidiary organization of the Student Senate. Membership and CAB is open to any student currently enrolled in credit courses at WITC. CAB plans and hosts a variety of entertainment and events for all students to take part in, typically scheduled during Activity Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:30am-12:20pm.

CAB members (“Cabbies”) receive certain extra rewards, such as attending leadership conferences. CAB members also gain valuable experience in selecting, contracting, planning, and promoting events. CAB meetings are held during activity hour, so you don’t have to miss class to attend. If you are interested in joining CAB, simply stop into the Student Life Office or just come to a meeting!

Members of the Student Senate, and CAB board, with the guidance and assistance of the student life coordinator, plan, budget, and facilitate many extracurricular activities. These activities include a fall picnic lunch, Halloween week festivities, winter holiday events, Wellness Day, and a spring picnic. The Student Senate also helps fund trips and activities of other campus organizations.

Participate in the WITC-Ashland Student Senate and CAB! In return for your effort, you'll gain organization, event planning, budgeting experience, and valuable leadership training! You'll also enjoy getting to know your fellow classmates as well as the WITC faculty and staff.

Early Childhood Club  -  Email Kari Merritt, Advisor Email

The Early Childhood Club assists early childhood students in developing a better understanding of the early childhood profession, and assists early childhood students in funding attendance at early childhood conferences and/or workshops. As a member, the club will:

Nursing Club  -  Email Tina Hagstrom or Kate Siegler, Advisor Email

The purpose of the Nursing Club at WITC-Ashland is to promote leadership in Nursing, camaraderie within the club and encourage community involvement. You will be allowed an opportunity to appreciate and implement the unenforceable obligations of citizenship, while providing for mental and physical health through satisfactory social and recreational activities. As a member, you will:

Welding Club  -  Email John Nuutinen, Advisor Email

The welding club provides more opportunity for students to fabricate, complete projects for the community, while increasing community awareness of welding occupations.