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Val Poppy

Academic Coach

Contact Information

1019 South Knowles Ave.
New Richmond, WI 54017


B.A., Hamline University; St. Paul, Minn.

Val Poppy's goal as an academic coach is to work with students to achieve their highest potential. Poppy aims to harness each individual’s potential through teaching time management, communication skills, organization, academic preparedness, study skills and stress relief. She also helps students get in touch with the people and resources they need to stay in school.

Poppy understands and relates to students because she’s been in their shoes.

"School was something that was never very easy for me, and I tell my students that right off the bat," said Poppy. "It helps them to know that anything they've done, I’ve probably done twice."
Val Poppy, SSC Staff


"Both our failures and successes help to shape who we are in life, and I know that everyone has the potential to succeed" –Val Poppy