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Jolie Losey

Barber/Cosmetology Instructor

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1900 College Drive
Rice Lake, WI 54868

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Jolie Losey is a Barber/Cosmetology instructor at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s Rice Lake campus.

With more than 20 years of industry experience as a stylist, manager, owner and instructor, she has had the opportunity to handle many different situations, which has allowed her to grow into a very understanding and patient instructor. Jolie has more than seven years of teaching experience and has acquired teaching techniques that enable diverse students to learn effectively.

In her free time, Jolie enjoys gardening, reading, being outdoors and spending time with her husband, sons and grandson.

Josie Losey, Cosmetology Instuctor

"The Barber/Cosmetology program at WITC offers a classroom environment that is stimulating and learner focused. Our client services offer students the opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experiences and practice. Students are provided with resources, knowledge of updated techniques, use of quality professional products and experiences to transform them into entry-level stylists."

— Jolie Losey