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Lori Cannon

Nursing - Associate Degree Instructor

Contact Information

600 North 21st Street
Superior, WI, 54880

Email Lori
800.243.9482 Ext. 6376


B.A., University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minn.
M.A., Boston University; Boston, Mass.
ADN, WITC; Ashland, Wis.
MSN, Gonzaga University; Spokane, Wash.


Lori Cannon’s strong foundation as an RN has prepared her for a good, thorough base of knowledge to teach nursing students. As a former nursing student from WITC, Cannon is confident that students will graduate from this program with the critical thinking ability and technical skills that employers demand. According to Cannon, WITC’s nursing program is fast-paced and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

“As a student, you will need to be prepared to work very hard; your success is dependent on you,” said Cannon.

Cannon believes in student-led learning. Rather than dispensing information, she likes to get students involved with discussions, questioning and other activities to help build critical thinking skills.

Cannon lives with her husband, almost-two-year-old daughter, a husky and two cats. When she has free time, she loves reading, writing, cooking and baking, and yoga. A resident of Ashland, Wis., Cannon and her family try to take advantage of living in Northern Wisconsin with camping and hiking and lots of trips to the beach in the summer.

Lori Cannon, WITC Superior Nursing - Associate Degree Instructor

"It is incredibly satisfying to see the a-ha moment when a difficult concept suddenly comes together for a student. My goal is to help a student become the nurse that I would want caring for my family member." Lori Cannon