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Nora Ulland

Early Childhood Education Instructor

Contact Information

600 North 21st Street
Superior, WI 54880

Email Nora Ulland
715.394.3771 ext. 6241


B.A.S., University of Minnesota-Duluth; Duluth, Minn.
M. Ed., Saint Mary’s University; Winona, Minn.


Nora Ulland aims to stress the importance of early childhood educators in our country. She says the care and education provided in the first five years of a person’s life are the most important. Ulland wants to do all she can to help her ECE students reach their goals so they can go into the world and aid children in reaching their goals.

Ulland’s experience as a substitute teacher, preschool teacher and home childcare provider have given her a great foundation for her role as early childhood instructor at WITC. Currently working toward her doctorate in education and leadership, Ulland’s extensive education has allowed her to explore learning and teaching throughout the entire life span to prepare her for working with adult learners.

As an educator, Ulland helps to facilitate the learning experience to meet the needs of all of her learners. She believes that critical thinking and self-reflection are necessary skills and that knowledge is constructed through actively manipulating and exploring the world not by passively sitting. She supports her students as they navigate their learning while challenging them with high expectations for growth and reaching their personal best.

Ulland continues to be impressed by the challenging, yet applicable and relevant coursework of this program, as well as the program’s flexibility for catering to many different needs of students.

Nora Ulland, WITC Superior Early Childhood Education Instructor


"The WITC early childhood education program is the best option for anyone looking to start a career in the ECE field." - Nora Ulland