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WITC Learning College Tenets

Experience. Success.

WITC is on an innovative journey to enhance and promote our mission of "Learning First."  The college will apply these Learning College tenets to continuously improve our programming and services.

Learning College Tenets

Quality and continuous improvement are expected in all aspects of the college.

Quality and continuous improvement in people, processes, services, initiatives and projects are valued, encouraged, assessed and expected throughout the college.

Learning environments are created and nurtured to maximize personal success.

Learning environments, including atmosphere, modes of delivery and physical spaces for students and staff, will be created and nurtured to support personal growth and success.

Decision-making is collaborative and research based.

Research, dialogue and formal and informal consultations will be the basis for major decisions at all levels of the college.

Leadership is based on talent and vision.

Individuals will be sought out to provide leadership based on their individual talents, abilities and understanding of WITC's future directions rather than their position in the organization.

All individuals are valued.

All individuals (staff, students, and community members) are valuable to the vitality of WITC. The talents of each are considered necessary for the college to fulfill its mission and aspire towards its vision.

Students and staff are both teachers and learners.

In WITC's collaborative learning environment, each individual is expected to be both a learner and a teacher. This belief enhances and expands the learning potential of everyone involved with the college.

Diversity is respected and embraced.

Diversity implies being open to new and different ideas. It also implies respect for and appreciation of all staff, students and members of the community. Diversity is embraced at WITC as a means of enriching relationships and enhancing collaboration.

Dialogue takes place in a safe, open, empathetic, and respectful environment.

Since dialogue is used in a Learning College to make critical decisions and create shared understanding, it is imperative that individuals feel the environment is non-threatening and their contributions are welcome.

Risk-taking is encouraged.

As WITC's Learning College evolves, individuals and groups are encouraged to think out-of-the-box. Mistakes are OK even expected when trying new ideas.

Revised and Approved by the Board on 2/23/15.
Approved by the Learning College Coordinating Council on 6/4/2002.