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Driver's Education

Frequently Asked Questions WITC Driver's Education Student Contact Form

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is pleased to offer Driver Education to school districts within our region on a contracted basis. All classroom hours are offered at the high schools and students are picked up in the Driver's Ed vehicle at the high school.

Driver Education Theory consists of 30 classroom hours. During the class, students gain awareness of the driving task and the responsibilities that accompany it. They demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws and regulations that help provide safe and efficient patterns. Students learn that impact that natural forces and conditions have concerning driving. They learn to identify hazardous conditions and react appropriately to avoid or minimize problems. Students develop an attitude of safe, courteous and defensive driving.

Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel consists of 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation for the student. These students will put Driver Education Theory into practice with behind-the-wheel instruction and observation of fellow drivers in a Driver's Ed vehicle with a Driver's Ed instructor. These students will perform driving tasks and demonstrate the responsibilities that accompany them. Students obey traffic laws and regulations and develop safe and efficient driving patterns. Students practice safe, courteous, and defensive driving techniques.

The requirements of Driver's Education includes the basic rules of the road, how to control and operate a motor vehicle, emergency preparedness, sign identification, and motor vehicle laws. 

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