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Hazardous Materials

Course Name Course Description
Haz-Mat - Decontamination for Hospitals    
Haz-Mat Response Awareness Level

This course is designed to meet the recurring training requirements as identified under OSHA 1910.120 for First Responder - Awareness-Level Response.


Haz-Mat Response Operations and Technician Levels The goal at the first responder operational level shall be to provide those persons, whose duties include responding to the scene of emergencies that may involve hazardous materials, with the competencies listed below to respond safely to hazardous materials incidents. The first responder at the operational level is not expected to use specialized chemical protective clothing or special control equipment.  
Haz-Mat Response Awareness Level Refresher    
Haz-Mat Response Operations Level    
Haz-Mat Response Operations Level Refresher    
Haz-Mat Technician    
Haz-Mat Technician for Industry    
Industrial Haz-Mat Awareness/Haz Comm    

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