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Ashland Off-Campus Course Locations

Location Address
Ashland Fire Department 215 6th Street East, Ashland
Ashland High School 1900 Beaser Avenue, Ashland
Barnes Community Church 3200 Cty. Hwy. N, Barnes
Barnes Fire Department 3360 County Hwy. N, Barnes
Barnes Town Hall 3360 Cty. Hwy. N, Barnes
Bayfield Carnegie Library 37 North Broad Street, Bayfield
Bayfield Recreation Center 140 South Broad Street, Bayfield
Bethesda Lutheran Church - Bayfield 109 South 6th Street, Bayfield
Blakeman Plumbing 44941 State Hwy. 13, Ashland
Cable Natural History Museum 13470 County Hwy M, Cable
City of Hayward Fire Department 10555 Dakota Ave., Hayward
Cornucopia Community Center 22615 Cty Trunk C, Cornucopia
Cornucopia Fire Department 22620 Ash Street, Cornucopia
Drummond Civic Center 52540 Front Avenue, Drummond
Glidden Fire Department 23 N. Grant St., Glidden
Hurley High School 5503 West Rangeview Drive, Hurley
Immanuel Lutheran Church 22555 Elm Street, Cornucopia
Iron River Fire & Ambulance 8285 US Hwy. 2, Iron River
Karlyn's Gallery 318 West Bayfield Street, Washburn
LaPointe Fire Department/Madeline Island Ambulance 270 Big Bay Road, La Pointe
Montreal Fire Department 53 Wisconsin Avenue, Montreal
UCC Church 13445 Cty. Hwy. M, Cable
Washburn Cultural Center 1 East Bayfield Street, Washburn
Washburn Public Library 307 Washington Avenue, Washburn
Wascott Fire Department 7607 E. County Road T, Gordon