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Motorcycle Safety

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Basic Rider

This 16-hour course is approved by the Department of Transportation.  It is designed to teach the beginner or experienced rider the safe techniques to riding a motorcycle.  It consists of 6 hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction.

You Will Need

All students will be required to wear the following personal items for all on-cycle exercises:

*Helmets must meet the minimum standards set by the Department of Transportation.  Higher standards are set for helmets tested by ANSI Z90.1 or SNELL.  WITC does not furnish any safety equipment.


Students must be a minimum of 15 1/2 years of age.  If you are between 15 1/2 and 18 years of age, you must have sponsorship of a parent or guardian.  The parent or guardian will be required to sign a "Release of Liability Form" before the student will be able to partake in the Motorcycle Safety Course.


Ability to ride a bicycle (balance). Proof of registration (if applicable) - the blue copy of waiver form will be given to those under 18, or to anyone that has held 3 CYCI's, or has failed 2 motorcycle skills test at DOT.

For more information, contact Betty Shaffer, CPR/MFA Specialist.


There will be a 50 question, multiple choice test and a range performance test.  Both must be passed by established standards in order for the students to be recognized by the MSF as a course graduate.  Students who successfully complete this course will be presented with a "Motorcycle Skills Test Waiver Authorization", which they can take to the Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for their Motorcycle Endorsement, providing other licensing requirements are met.


Comprehensive protection is provided for the bikes and students through Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Motorcycles used in the program are provided are Honda's, Suzuki's, and Yamaha's.

To register for a class, click here for available course schedules. 

Additional information available at:

Motorcycle Safety Instruction takes place on Campus and is conducted by professional instructors.

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