Emergency Services Conference Photo Album 2005

2005 Conference

Air Bag Demonstration

Driver's side and passenger's side airbags (shown right) were set off during Advanced Airbags & New Restraints

EMS Specific Training

EMS Checking New Born Infant Vitals

Rescue One: Oh My, She's Having a Baby!
Scott Tomek, EMT-P, Lakeview Hospital EMS,
Stillwater, MN

EMS Practicing New Born Infant Care
EMS Specific Training

EMS Reviewing IV Needle Skills

IV Tech Skills Review
Robert Katana, Marlene Dirkes and
Linda Avery-Patz

EMS Reviewing IV Skills

  Tactical Defense Demonstration

Basic Defensive Tactics for Emergency Services
Advanced Defensive Tactics for Emergency Services

Mark Kelsey, Investigator, Hayward Police Department; Craig Faulstich, Patrol Officer, Hayward Police Department; and Scott Burns, Deputy Sheriff,
Polk County Sheriff's Department

Tactical Defense Demonstation

Wilderness Training Crash Scene

Wilderness Trainee Helping Victim

Wilderness Training Exercises

Wilderness Emergencies Practical Exercise
Lance Ross, EMT-I, Wilderness Medical Associates 

EMS Practicing Resuscitation Technics

Critical Interventions: New Research Changes Everything
R. J. Frascone, M.D., Jennifer Rech, RN,
Dave Gammell, EMT-P, Jennifer Smith, EMT, and
Joe Jensen, RN, EMT-P, Regions Hospital EMS,
St. Paul, MN

EMS Training for Critical Interventions

Fire Specific Training

Demonstrator Showing Use of Fire Fighting Foam

Fire Fighting Foam
James Kirvida, President, Custom Fire Apparatus

Fire Fighting Foam Demonstration

Osceola Area Ambulance Service Accepting Emergency Services Award

The 2005 Emergency Services Award recipients were Amery Area EMS and Osceola Area Ambulance Service