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Course Name Course Description
MABAS - The Right Tool
of Choice For Resource Management of Multiple/Mass Casualty Incidents

This session will demonstrate the need and benefit of predetermined resource mobilization for multiple/mass casualty incidents. This session will utilize real life and hypothetical scenarios to demonstrate the benefit to responders of predetermined mutual aid resources which in turn enhances patient discharge outcomes.


Managing Company Tactical Operations: Decision Making (NFA Class)    
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Preparation (NFA Class)    
Managing Company Tactical Operations: Tactics (NFA Class)    
Managing the Mayday This classroom session will review specific firefighter fatalities and mayday situations from the past twenty years. Students will learn how to recognize similar situations and, ultimately, how to avoid the same tragic results. The course will openly discuss fireground realities and will provide the students with more tools for the toolbox in an effort to make sure everyone gets home safely. This course will be appropriate for everyone from firefighters to incident commanders.  
Mass Casualty Incident    
Advanced Fire Behavior This class will help firefighters develop a better understanding of fire behavior and its impact on fireground tactics. The class will utilize fire critiques, video, live demonstrations, and hands-on scenarios to build on a student's current understanding of fire behavior. Topics will include fire chemistry, flashover, rollover, backdraft, and smoke explosions.  
Fireground Tactics    
Advanced Fireground Tactics This class will cover a broad range of basic and advanced fireground tactics. Students will learn how to better size-up the incident, predict fire travel and behavior, and avoid common fireground mistakes. This class is well suited for everyone from the front line firefighter to the incident commander. Students will leave with a better understanding of task level, tactical level and command level concepts.  
Fire Suppression Basic Tactics    
Ventilation Tactics This course will review different ventilation tactics for structural fire attack and hostile fire events. Students will leave with a better appreciation for the art of ventilation and a safer understanding of how it works combined with an aggressive fire attack.  
Advanced Ventilations Tactics    

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