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Take a Class

If you're ready to try something different, try a class through WITC Continuing Education.

Classes are offered at all campus locations and other communities throughout the district. See the latest schedule (searchable database) for more information.

Register for Classes

For your convenience, several methods are available to register for classes.

By Web: Use WITC's Class Finder to search for classes.  Once you find a course, "click here to add this course to your registration form" text found at the top of the Course Information page.  Click either "select another course", "view selected courses" or "process your registration".
By mail: Complete and mail the registration form with your check, money order or credit card information. Download Electronic Registration Form
By phone: Contact Student Services to enroll by phone if you use a credit card.  
By fax: Fax your completed registration form and credit card information to the campus of your choice.
In person: Visit Student Services at a campus near you.
Search and Register for Classes at WITC!

Non-Credit Registration Form