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Technical Rescue

Course Name Course Description
Intro to Swift Water Rescue



Intro to Wilderness Search and Rescue This course is designed to give first responders an idea of where to start when called to help with a wilderness search. Participants will gain knowledge in SAR tactics/operations, preplanning, lost person behavior and learn how to operate a Wilderness SAR mission within the incident command system. Participants will then apply these skills in a mock Search and Rescue operation. Participants should come prepared for the weather, bring a compass and/or GPS (there will be some available) and be willing to "get lost."  
Large Area Search and Rescue (Structural)    
Open Water Rescue    
Rope Rescue - Customized Training - subjects vary    
Rope Rescue Operations Level    
Rope Rescue Refresher Training    
Rope Rescue Technical Level Included 40-hour ops level.  
Rope Rescue: Mechanical Advantage    
Ropes - Ropes, Knots, Mechanical Advantage Customized training.  
Search and Rescue-Structural    
Search and Rescue-Wilderness    
Steep Slope/Low Angle Emergencies Emergency responders can be challenged by incidents where steep slopes and dangerous terrain can hinder safe rescue operations. Examples would include vehicle accidents and off-road recreational mishaps. This course will identify what a low-angle rescue is and provide responders with a basic knowledge of rope rope rescue options for the low angle incident. Students will be outside for part of the class working through rescue scenarios, so dress appropriately for the weather.  
Swift Water - Technician    
Technical Rescue for Ski Patrol    
Trench Rescue Awareness Level    
Trench Rescue Technician Level (some prerequisites)    
Silo/Grain Bin Rescue    

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