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Court Mandated/OWI/AODA

Contacts & Registration Information

To Register:
Call your local campus Continuing Education Assistant:

For Assistance:  
Bev Schuelke
Continuing Education Assistant
WITC-Ashland Campus
715.682.4591 ext. 3112
1.800.243.9482 ext. 3112
Email Bev
Serving the counties of Ashland, Bayfield, Iron
Gina Monicken
Continuing Education Assistant
WITC-New Richmond Campus
715.246.6561 ext. 4212
1.800.243.9482 ext. 4212
Email Gina
Serving the counties of Burnett, Polk, St. Croix
Tricia Smith
Continuing Education Assistant
WITC-Rice Lake Campus
715.234.7082 ext. 5230
1.800.243.9482 ext. 5230
Email Tricia
Serving the counties of Barron, Rusk, Sawyer, Washburn
Cindy Johnstone
Continuing Education Assistant
WITC-Superior Campus
715.394.6677 ext. 6212
1.800.243.9482 ext. 6212
Email Cindy
Serving the counties of Douglas
Betty Shaffer
Traffic Safety Manager
1.800.243.9482 ext. 5223
Email Betty
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