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Vehicle Extrication

Course Name Course Description
Farm Machinery Extrication



Truck and Bus Extrication    
Vehicle Extrication - Advanced Vehicle Systems/ Airbags/Hybrids This course presents responder safety information on hybrid vehicles and vehicle airbag systems.  
Vehicle Extrication - Advanced Vehicle Systems/Airbags/Hybrids    
Vehicle Extrication -  Customized/Refresher    
Vehicle Extrication Technician    
Vehicle Extrication - Struts    
Vehicle Fires - Advanced Although the attack of vehicle fires used to be a “one-size-fits-all” approach, modern vehicle construction has become a significant safety threat to today’s firefighters. This hands-on class will teach students about the fire hazards associated with vehicles new and old and offer strategies to safely extinguish them. Students will participate in hands-on training with actual vehicles on fire. Full SCBA and turnout gear are required.  
Vehicle Fires - Basic/Refresher Training    

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