Technical Assistance and Business Consulting

Business and Industry Consulting

  • Let our industry professionals help you solve a specific problem or assist with a special project. Whether you have a start-up or want to grow your company, our business and industry professionals are available for you.

Employee Assessment and Testing

  • If you need to assess your employees capabilities and training needs before starting a new project or product line, call on our experts.

Energy Audits

  • In this economy and the new age of green environment, you may want to consider an energy audit for your business. Our industry experts can help you save money while saving the planet.

Market Development

  • If you are looking to expand your product offerings or excite prospective customers about your existing products, a market development project may be for you.

Performance Management

  • Learn how to keep your employees operating at peak performance. Increase morale while lowering absenteeism and turnover rates.

Pre-Employment Testing

  • Hiring the wrong person for the job is expensive. Vetting perspective employees can be time consuming and complicated because of employment laws. Let us assist you with initial pre-employment testing at your location or ours.

Process Improvement

  • You may be able to reduce your production costs by streamlining your processes.

Technical Assistance

  • If you have a new piece of equipment, need to train work groups for a special project, or insure you are using your technical equipment to its fullest potential, our industry experts can assist you.