Hire A Graduate

Post a Job With WITC

WITC’s occupational programs provide hundreds of qualified employees each year. We invite you to recruit Wisconsin technical college students & graduates by listing your job openings Wisconsin TechConnect, WITC’s free employment job bank.

Potential applicants have responsibility for contacting employers and submitting required application materials.

1.  Register and Post Your Job OnlineWisconsin TechConnect Post A Job Online Logo

Wisconsin TechConnect, an employment information system developed by the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges makes it easy to recruit job seekers online. Register for this free service and post jobs online to recruit Technical College graduates and students. Follow this link to post a job on TechConnect.

2.  Schedule Interviews

WITC invites employers to interview WITC students on campus for employment positions.  Read more about on campus interviews. Form requires pdf to view

3.  Participate in Employment Assistance Events

Job Fairs and Workshops provide a setting of large numbers of job seekers and employers to meet and learn about each other.

If you have questions regarding posting a job on TechConnect please contact the
Manager of Enrollment Services at the WITC campus nearest you.
Call us today!
800.243.WITC or 715.468.2815

For Employment and Degree Verification

WITC has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verification.  The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at http://www.degreeverify.org

(Adobe Acrobat Reader Required  Form requires pdf to view)