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2017-18 WITC Dual Enrollment Welding Academy

There’s an exciting new way for high school seniors to earn both high school AND college credit during their senior year FREE to the student! Because industry demand for entry level welders remains high in St. Croix and Polk counties, WITC-New Richmond is offering high school seniors an opportunity to begin a Career Pathway in welding.

Students can earn 10 dual high school and college credits, as well as complete two approved short-term technical diplomas for Gas Metal Arc Welding and Shielded Metal Arc Welding, if they complete the two required semesters. With added training, these credentials can lead to a full, one-year technical diploma in Welding from WITC.

Classes for the two semesters will be held at New Richmond High School and WITC-New Richmond. The seniors will spend about three hours every school day morning at WITC’s Dual Enrollment Welding Academy. Students are required to provide their own transportation to and from New Richmond High School, and WITC-NR.

Interested seniors must meet with their own high school guidance counselor/dual enrollment coordinator to determine eligibility in the WITC Dual Enrollment Welding Academy.

2017-18 Enrollment Timetable - Coming Soon!

Applications must be submitted by Friday, May 12, 2017

Course Sequence

Semester 1  
Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1 3 credits @ NRHS
Print Reading - Welding Trades 2 credits @ NRHS
Semester 2  
Gas Metal Arc Welding 1 3 credits @ NRHS
Math 373 2 credits @ WITC-NR
  TOTAL 10 credits

Print or Download the Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet Here


WITC Admissions Advisor
Jodi Saliny
715.246.6561 Ext. 4339

Email: Jodi Saliny

Print or Download the Dual Enrollment Fact Sheet Here


Students must:
Be a 2016- 2017 Senior
Have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
Be in good Academic Standing in high school.
High school and parent/ guardian approval needed.
Acknowledge and sign FERPA statement.
Meet WITC entrance requirements.


Step 1
Student: Meet with your High School Guidance Counselor/Dual Enrollment Coordinator to see if you qualify for WITC Dual Enrollment Academy.

Step 2
Student: Complete WITC Dual Enrollment Academy Application form (including your personal statement on why you would be a good candidate for the Dual Enrollment Academy program) and submit them to your High School Counselor/Dual Enrollment Representative for approval.

Step 3
High School: Please submit completed application (including personal statement) and official High School Transcripts (including ACT scores, if attained) to WITC by program application deadline: WITC Dual Enrollment Coordinator (Attn: Jodi Saliny) 1019 South Knowles Avenue
New Richmond, WI 54017
P: 715.246.6561 ext. 4339/
E: Jodi Saliny

Step 4
Student: Take ACCUPLACER® Assessment at WITC. (ACT scores may exempt student from taking the ACCUPLACER® assessment. WITC Dual Enrollment Coordinator will review ACT scores listed on HS transcripts and notify participants if ACCUPLACER® Assessment is needed.


Students admitted into this competitive program will be notified no later than May 27th. All accepted participants are required to attend the mandatory Dual Enrollment Academy New Student Orientation Day in June. Additional steps necessary will be noted in the acceptance letter and/or during the Orientation.