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WITC Payment Information & Deadlines

Summer 2017 Term Fees Due May 30, 2017

If your financial aid, third party authorization, or personal payment does not fully cover your tuition and fee charges, you must pay the balance or make satisfactory payment arrangements by May 30, 2017. You will be dropped from your classes on June 5, 2017, unless satisfactory payment arrangements are made.

WITC Payment Options

Note that when registering for classes you are encouraged to have anticipated financial aid, a Payment Plan in place, or an agency authorization on file. Please review the Tuition and Fee Payment Policy to determine the deadline when financial aid, a payment plan or an agency authorization needs to be in place. Failure to do so by the deadline dates may cause you to be dropped from your classes.

Option 1: Payment Plan

A payment plan allows you to make 2 installments on a qualifying tuition balance of $300 or more and must be completed by May 30, 2017. The Payment Plan is considered a loan with installments due June 21, and July 19, 2017.

Students 18 years of age or older, sign up for Payment Plan online
Read "How to sign up for a payment plan"

Determine How You Want to Make Installment Payments

Sign up for Payment Plan in Person (Students under the age of 18 with parent/guardian signature.)

Option 2: Financial Aid Recipients

Option 3: Defer Your Fees to an Authorized Agency/Company

Option 4: Pay Your Tuition in Full by May 30, 2017

Option 5: New Registrants beginning May 30, 2017

Important Dates to Remember

Please Note: You may not receive a bill prior to the payment due date. Go to your MyWITC Student Center to view your account balance.

May 30 Payment arrangements must be in place. You will be dropped from your classes if you have not signed up for the payment plan, paid your balance in full, submitted an authorization from an agency/company, or completed the financial aid paperwork.
Summer Term 2017
June 21 Installment 1 of Payment Plan due
July 19 Installment 2 of Payment Plan due
NOTE: If payments are not received by the payment plan due dates, a hold will be placed on your account. No further enrollments in current and future terms will be allowed, grade reports or degrees will not be processed, and requests for official transcripts will be denied until balance due is paid in full. Unpaid accounts may be turned over to the Wisconsin State Debt collection agency and/or the Department of Revenue Taxpayer Refund Intercept Program (TRIP). When unpaid accounts are turned over to collections or TRIP, students are liable for the unpaid balance plus any collection costs.

If checks are returned for insufficient funds or other reason, your student account will be assessed an additional $25 fee.

Mark your fee due dates.

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