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New Endowments

New Endowment Funding Parameters
40 & 8 St. Croix Post #1485 Scholarship This scholarship is designated for a student in the Associate Degree Nursing program at WITC-New Richmond.
Bunni Haselrud & Jessica B. Nelson Memorial Scholarship This scholarship will be used to support a student who has completed a GED/HSED within the last five years and is enrolled full time in any program at WITC-Superior.
Dick & Helen Rosen Scholarship Helen Rosen is an active alumna from the New Richmond campus. Her husband recently passed away and she established this endowment in his memory. It awards an annual scholarship that rotates between Agricultural Power & Equipment Technician and Administrative Professional programs at WITC-New Richmond.
Jim & Carol Heim Nursing Scholarship Carol Heim, former Foundation Executive Director, established this endowment. It is designated to a WITC-Rice Lake student that is enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program core courses.
JoAnn Martin Supplies and Textbook Fund JoAnn Martin was a Communications instructor at WITC-Rice Lake for a number of years. Each new semester, JoAnn found that some students struggled with the cost of textbooks and supplies. She recognized that with just a little financial help, a student was more likely to be successful, rather than struggling with how to pay these costs. This fund was established to help students who show academic promise and are in financial need. The fund supplies students with gift cards for the bookstore to help defray costs of books and supplies required for their program.
Kathleen Ritchie Memorial Scholarship Kathleen Ritchie was a former instructor at the Rice Lake Campus and passed away last fall. This endowment awards an annual scholarship to a student that has completed one semester of the Office Support Specialist program at WITC-Rice Lake.
Thomas E. Koop Memorial Scholarship Thomas Koop was instrumental in establishing the WITC-New Richmond campus. He recently passed away and his family established this endowment in his memory. It is open to students enrolled in any program at the WITC-New Richmond campus.
WITC-Ashland Retired Staff Scholarship Retired staff from the Ashland campus established this endowment. It is designated for a returning student in any program in good academic standing at WITC-Ashland.
WITC-Rice Lake Opportunities Scholarship This endowment was created from funds raised over the past 16 years of WITC Fishing Tournaments. Two scholarships of $750 each will be offered every year in the fall to incoming high school students planning to attend WITC-Rice Lake.