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What We SupportGraduation


In FY17 there were 892 student scholarship applications submitted. The WITC Foundation awarded nearly 500 scholarships worth over $217,000, with an average award of $441.

Student Assistance Graduates

The WITC Foundation understands our students may need additional help with the financial stressors of being a student. Working with our counselors, emergency student assistance is available thanks to generous donor support.

In FY17 the WITC Foundation was proud to provide:

This level of student assistance would not be possible without the tremendous support we receive from our donors and volunteers, including staff who give their time and talents to our many special events. Thank you!

Staff Development Opportunities

Several WITC Foundation donors support several dstaff development grants utilized when college operational budgets aren’t sufficient to meet the need.

Applications for staff development opportunities are offered annually and are brought before a review committee. .

Student Ambassador Program

The WITC Foundation sponsors the selection of a Student Ambassador at each WITC campus. Students are chosen based on their academic achievement and leadership skills. The Student Ambassadors represent WITC at various functions throughout the year.

Other Institutional Support

A variety of other donor-supported opportunities are available to students and/or staff, including international education, leadership conferences, community projects and more.