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WITC Promise

A New Opportunity for High School Seniors

When: Application Open, Deadline April 15th, 2016
Location: Ashland, Rice Lake, New Richmond, and Superior

The WITC Promise Scholarship, funded by the WITC Foundation, provides free college education for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements. The WITC Promise Scholarship will pay the balance of tuition and fees for eligible students after federal and state grants are applied. Tuition will be covered up to four terms (pending eligibility requirements each term).

“Because WITC has so many courses and programs that transfer to 4-year degrees, the WITC Promise will make it even easier for local high school graduates to save money by beginning their education at WITC,” said WITC Vice President Student Affairs Steve Bitzer.

"The WITC Foundation Board is pleased to support and fund this important college initiative. We know the college's graduates are in high demand and the WITC Promise will give the opportunity to more individuals to attend WITC who otherwise might not have been able to afford to enroll,” said Charlie Singler, WITC Foundation Board President.

Eligibility requirements for the WITC Promise Scholarship

For more information, call 800.243.WITC and ask for a WITC Admissions Advisor:

Beth Hazelton, ext. 3195
WITC-New Richmond
Jodi Saliny, ext. 4339
WITC-Rice Lake
Jennifer Ruid, ext. 5220
Cindy Miller, ext. 6243