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2014-2016 Alphabetic Course List for Review for Advanced Standing or Transcripted Credit

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AC/DC Circuits Financial Accounting 1B MS PowerPoint version 2013 required
Alternative Energy Overview Gas Metal Arc Welding 1 MS Word A, B, C version 2013 required
Anatomy, Physiology, and Disease Concepts Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 1 OxyFuel and Arc Cutting Process
Applied Communications 1 General Anatomy and Physiology

Oral/Interpersonal Communication

Applied Communications 2 General Safety

Personal Finance

Applied Human Relations Industrial Safety

Print Reading

Applied Information Resources Introduction to American Government Print Reading for Building Construction
Applied Materials Science Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) Print Reading for Machine Trades
Architectural CAD Introduction to Business Print Reading for Machine Trades 1
Architectural Drafting Principles Introduction to CAD/CAM Print Reading - Welding Trades
Automotive Fundamentals Introduction to Diesel Engines Program Logic
Basic Machine Shop Introduction to Diversity Studies Semi-Precision Machining
Business Law Introduction to MS Office version 2013 required Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1
Cabinet and Furniture Making 1 Introduction to Mobile Hydraulics Small Engine and Chassis Repair 1
Cabinet and Furniture Making 2 Introduction to Power Trains Speech
CAD Basics Introduction to Psychology Success Strategies 1
College Mathematics Introduction to Sociology Turning Fundamentals
College Technical Mathematics 1A Introduction to 12-Volt Electrical Theory Web Design and Development
Construction Framing 1

IT Essentials

Welding for Mechanics
Customer Service Machine Shop Theory 1 Wood Frame Construction
Dairy Cattle Genetics and Reproduction Marketing Principles Written Communication
Dairy Cattle Management Materials Machine Tool Technics  
Desktop Publishing Math 355
Document Formatting Math 373
Drafting for Carpentry 1 Math With Business Applications
Drafting for Carpentry 2 Medical Terminology
ECE: Foundations of Early Childhood Education Milling Fundamentals
Financial Accounting 1 MS Access A version 2013 required
Financial Accounting 1A MS Excel A & B version 2013 required
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