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Transfer Opportunities after WITC

WITC has developed transfer agreements with four-year private colleges and universities in the University of Wisconsin System. Transfer agreements may contain course-to-course equivalencies, while others provide for a total program transfer.

The Transfer Information System (TIS) Web site has been developed by the University of Wisconsin System in cooperation with the Wisconsin Technical College System. The purpose of the TIS is to help students understand their options and provide information about transferring credits and programs between the two systems.

If you are already planning to attend a four-year college or university after attending WITC, it is highly recommended that you talk to an admissions counselor or academic advisor at the four-year college of your choice.

Requirements vary from institution to institution and an admissions counselor or aca­demic advisor can help you plan your coursework to optimize your transfer of credit into your major. Since the transfer and acceptance of credits is determined by each college, WITC cannot guarantee that your credits will transfer.