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The certification process at WITC begins shortly after you are hired. You will receive forms requesting permission for the college certification office to obtain documentation required by the WTCS to certify you for your position. These forms will enable us to request official transcripts and verify your previous work experience. Once this documentation is obtained, the WITC certification office submits your materials to WTCS staff requesting your certification. If approved, a certificate is issues to you and the college certification office.

Once you have been certified, the process doesn't stop there. You will need to complete WTCS requirements in order to maintain your certification throughout your employment at WITC. The WITC certification office will assist you in this process.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of certification, please contact:

Mary Hansen
HR Specialist, Certification/Credentialing
800-243-9482 or 715-468-2815, ext. 2204

View the WITC Professional Growth Plan for Certified Positions Files require Adobe Reader to view

For more information regarding certification, please visit the WTCS Certification website.