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WITC New Employee Resources

Welcome to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College! 

Congratulations! We are excited to have you as a part of the College and offer you the opportunity to work in a diverse and stimulating environment.

This web site has been designed for individuals who have been offered a position at WITC. By using the links below you will be able to complete your new hire paperwork online via secured self-service applications.

Compiled below are the forms you will need to start your employment journey at WITC. These forms can be filled out electronically and e-mailed to the campus administrative assistant at your location. (see contact information below). Your signature will be required on these forms when you bring in your I-9 documentation (the I-9 form needs to be completed and returned within 3 days of hire). Please complete these documents and return as soon as possible. It is important that these forms are filled out carefully and correctly as this is the information WITC will use to generate your pay. These forms should be returned prior to your first day of work.

NOTE: Our employee .PDF forms have been created in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. Please update or install the latest version of  Adobe Reader DownloadAdobe Reader.

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Personnel Information Form

This form provides WITC with your contact information, who to contact in case of emergency and direct deposit banking information.



I-9 Employment Eligibility Form

The purpose of this form is to document that new employees have the correct documentation to work in the United States. Documentation of forms must be verified no later than 3 (three) days of your start date. Please note this form must be opened using Internet Explorer.



W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate

The W-4 form is to help your employer withhold from your pay the correct federal income tax, based on Single or Married filing status and based on any dependents/allowance exemptions.



Internet Agreement

WITC requires all employees to read and sign the Internet Agreement to understand the correct usage of the Internet.



DMI Authorization for Release of Motor Vehicle Record Forms

All employees driving their own vehicles on College business or driving College-owned, leased or rented vehicles, must have an acceptable driving record and provide proof of insurance. This documentation must be submitted at hire and prior to requesting travel reimbursement. The forms below are for this purpose.

DMI Forms & Instructions

NOTE: WITC requires an application on file for all employees (except work study or tutors). If you have not filled out an application, please contact the administrative specialist for your location (see below) and fill out the application.

Please bring all completed forms to WITC or the contact at WITC you are working with when you finalize the I-9 Form process.

You can contact the following individuals at 800.243.9482 or email them by clicking on their names:

Ashland - Annette Brown, Ext. 3151
New Richmond - Elysia Lindquist , Ext. 4205
Rice Lake - Jennifer Siem, Ext. 2131
Superior -Tom Barbano, Ext. 6209
Shell Lake - Human Resources, 800.243.9842 or by email.

Available for download: