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Associate Degree Nursing Program

This page provides a starting point for discovering information needed to be successful in your classes to obtain an Associate's Degree in Nursing.


Start Researching:

       Primo         APA

Don’t forget to check out our “Training Videos” page. Here you can find videos to help you navigate Primo, learn how to evaluate material for conducting research, access all of the LRC's resources, and many other helpful hints.

Skills and Clinical Courses:

Assisted Learning For All -- This website offers over 150 videos demonstrating different nursing skills and procedures that you will need to learn.

Blaufuss -- This website has several online courses and quizzes set up to teach you all about heart sounds and cardiac arrhythmias. They also have an App available for mobile devices which uses recordings from real patients to demonstrate heart sounds and murmurs.

Internet Pathology Laboratory --  This website serves as an instructional resource containing over 2700 images and resources to illustrate gross and microscopic pathology. Set up to be a self-taught resource, there are examinations and tutorials to test yourself.

Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine -- This website offers a comprehensive physical examination guide designed for students.  It serves as a clinical education site for self-taught learning.

Skin Lesion Nomenclature Tutorials -- Here you can brush up on definitions for several different types of lesions, accompanied by images.  Three tutorials are offered to learn about skin lesions, and a quiz allows you to assess your own needs for follow-up learning.

National Guideline Clearinghouse --  This is a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.  You can browse by topic or organization, also read editorials and expert commentaries on current issues.

Home Health Handbook -- Quick information for patients and caregivers on home health as well as an extensive list of drug names; generic and trade.

CareNotes-- Quickly search for and print off care notes from the Micromedex database.

Learning Express Library -- This resource is free to Wisconsin residents and includes online courses for basic nursing skills and preparation materials for testing.

WITC's iTunes U -- Launch iTunes to WITC's own iTunesU page.

Sound Pages:




Student Driven Resources :

Elsevier      My Nursing Kit

Mental Health:

PsychFlix       National Institute of Mental Helath

Organizations Pertinent to Nursing:

Centers for Disease Control

American Public Health Association

Wisconsin Area Health Education Center System

American Nurses Association

Wisconsin Nurses Association

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Discover Nursing

Institute of Medicine

State Health Facts

Health and Human Services

Wisconsin Department of Health Services


Licensure and Regulation:

Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing

                View the state definition of Registered Nurse as well as all the laws, rules, and polices attached to them.  You can also access licensing applications, exam dates, fees, and requirements for licensing.

National Council of State Boards of Nursing

                NCSBN is a non-profit organization that provides nursing boards and members with a forum to interact with each other on common interest subjects such as public health or safety and welfare.  The organization continues further to assist in the development of licensing examinations.

NCLEX Testing with Pearson Vue

                Register, pay, and administer your NCLEX testing with Pearson Vue.

Continuing Education:

American Association of Colleges of Nursing


Feed Back:

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