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Applied Communications

Applied Communications

Applied Communications 1: 32-801-361 and Applied Communications 2: 32-801-363
These communication courses focus on effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing in life and at work. Students demonstrate their skills both individually and in groups. Students also produce such employment documents as a cover letter, a resume, and a preliminary portfolio.

Start Researching:

       Primo         APA

Don’t forget to check out our “Training Videos” page. Here you can find videos to help you navigate Primo, learn how to evaluate material for conducting research, access all of the LRC's resources, and many other helpful hints.

Helpful Web Sites:

Study Guides and Strategies -- Provides information on getting the most out of your reading and how to take precise helpful notes.

Multiple Intelligences -- Learn about multiple intelligences and how your own mind works.  Take a test to determine what elements of your intelligence are strongest.

Interview Stream --  Help prepare yourself for an upcoming job interview using this self assessment tool.  Watch real people ask you interview questions. Record your response so you can review and assess them.  You can even send your practice interviews to your instructor, classmates, or family for their input.

Job Center of Wisconsin -- A free service for job hunting in Wisconsin.  Search through open job listings or simply upload your resume for employers to view.

Minnesota Job Bank -- A free service for job hunting in Minnesota.  Search through open job listings or simply upload your resume for employers to search through.

Wisconsin State Government Positions -- The official employment site of Wisconsin state government.  Discover interesting jobs, benefits, and advancement opportunities.

Minnesota Government Jobs -- Create an account, upload your resume, and start searching through available Minnesota state job opportunities.

National Job Exchange --  Search through open job listings and access career resources to help you land your perfect job.

JobsHQ -- Search through local job listings from Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Indeed -- Search through job sites, newspapers, and company career pages.  Upload your resume for employers to view.

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