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Researching With Primo

Search multiple databases at once


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This service is still in Beta. In some of your results you may find errors where Primo will not link to a full-text article or it will link to the wrong article. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can work around these errors – here’s how. Or you can use the databases individually. We’d love to hear your feedback – please tell us about your experience with Primo!

Use the above search bar to start researching in Primo or go directly to Primo's page

Click HERE to look up a journal by title

Before You Start:


Getting Started                                Advanced Searches


      Placing A Hold                            Accessing Your Account



Tips and Tricks for Searches:

  1. Start with a basic search, you can always limit your results if you find too many.

  2. Check your spelling, you may not be receiving any results due to a typo.

  3. If you're receiving to many results to look through, try doing an advanced search.  Look for your keyword(s) within certain subjects only or limit your results to certain types of media such as DVDs or books.

  4. Time, time, time.  The first result that pops up won't be perfect.  You will have to go through your results for the perfect article or book, so make sure you are allowing enough time to find good sources.  The more time you allow, the better.

  5. Always save a copy of any article you'd like to use or create a "permalink", it's vary hard to go back and find the same article months later.

Beyond Research:

You can do more than research with Primo.  You also have access to your LRC account:

Accessing your account is simple:

  1. Start by going to the Primo page, you can click on the link below the search bar above or click HERE
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Sign in", fill in your last name and student ID number, hit "Login".
  3. Now you can select "My Account" from the upper right,  this is your account screen.
  4. First you see a list of items you have checked out, each row is a single item and ends with available actions such as renewing the material online.
  5. On the left you can check on the status of any requested material and view any fines or fees you may have acquired.

Watch the video "Primo Accessing Your Account" for a walkthrough.

Once you are logged into your account, you can search for items available at the LRC and place a request online.  When the item is available it will be shipped to the LRC of your choice.  Once it arrives an email will be sent to you, letting you know your item is ready for pick-up.  Watch the video "Primo Placing A Hold" for a walkthrough.

Outside Primo:

Primo can't search through all of our databases just yet.  To search through our Films On Demand database or Reference USA, use these built in search bars:


Title Segment

Films On Demand walkthrough

Login from home:

username is your student ID number and the password is your regular password


Use Reference USA in your job hunt, click HERE.