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Reference Resources


The Civil Rights Digital Library
Visitors can browse through the materials by place, people, events, or topics, such as "Community Organizing", "White Resistance", "Economic Justice", and "Voting Rights".

The Malcolm X Project at Columbia University
Columbia University’s Center for Contemporary Black History is worth several visits. Under the direction of Professor Manning Marable and with significant input from the Shabazz family, the website contains a number of multimedia presentations that offer various perspectives and informed insights into Malcolm X’s life and broader cultural and historical legacy.

Native Networks
Online information about film, video and radio produced by indigenous peoples of the Americas and Hawaii.

Surviving: The Body of Evidence
Billed as a "journey of self-discovery", this very fine online exhibit from the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology takes visitors on an interactive tour through the world of evolution.

Through Our Parents' Eyes
History & Culture of Southern Arizona brings to the Web the history, culture and experiences of the many peoples who live in this vibrant region.

WomenWatch: Feature on Women with Disabilities
Millions of women around the world live with disabilities, and this site from the United Nations’ Women Watch initiative provides information on this particular group of individuals.

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