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Reference Resources


Basic legal information on topics that affect daily life. Information provided by the American Bar Association, the largest volunteer professional association in the world.

American Law Sources Online. A comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to
sources of law pertaining to the United States and Canada.

ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law, Since 1997, The American Society of International Law (ASIL) has been continuously updating and revising their Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law. Within each of its eight primary sections, users can read about various high-quality online resources for each topical area (such as international organizations and human rights), and then read brief summaries of what each online resource features in terms of its content and scope.

CCAP - Consolidated Court Automation Programs
This website provides public access to the records of the Wisconsin circuit courts for counties using the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) Case Management system. These records are open to public view under Wisconsin's Open Records law, sections 19.31-19.39, Wisconsin Statutes.

Citizen Media Law Project
This guide addresses the practical issues that you may encounter as you gather information, create new and exciting content, and publish your work online. It is intended for use by citizen media creators with or without formal legal training, as well as others with an interest in these issues.

Federal Forms - Non-Court
This page contains downloadable government electronic forms. Over the years, we have had requests for many of these, but they have never been available to depository libraries. This list is not comprehensive, but comprises those forms most asked for by the public. Many other agencies have quite specialized forms and should be accessed directly.
Extensive directory to online legal information. Contains information vital to legal professionals,
students, business people and the general public.
Legal Information for Internet and technology professionals. Produced exclusively by lawyers and law professors.

GPO Access
GPO's Online Resources.

Health & Human Services - Office for Civil Rights - HIPAA
Medical Privacy - National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information
Official HIPAA web site.

Internet Law Library
Basic documents and U.S. code.

The goal of this site is "making legal information, resources and services easy to find on the Internet." Features summaries of legal practice areas, links to federal and state law sources, information about law schools and lawyers, and material on noteworthy cases involving computer and Internet technology (such as Facebook and Google). Also includes information about public interest and pro bono projects. From a company that also provides online marketing solutions for law firms.
Portal for legal professionals. Track breaking developments in the law, research issues and
cases, explore nationwide job opening in the legal industry, and much more.

Law Library of Congress
Legal information for 35 countries.

Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory
Use this Locator to find a lawyer by name. Or click the tabs to search by location/area of practice, by firm, or for lawyers in corporations, agencies of the US government, or law school faculty.
Legal self-help for the layperson.

Revisor of Statutes
Official Publisher of Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code.

U.S. Courts Glossary
Commonly used legal terminology.

United States Copyright Office
Here you will find all our key publications, including informational circulars; application forms for copyright registration; links to the copyright law and to the homepages of other copyright-related organizations; news of what the Office is doing, including business-process reengineering plans, Congressional testimony and press releases; our latest regulations; a link to our online copyright records cataloged since 1978; and much more.

WashLaw Web
Comprehensive legal subject guide maintained by the staff of the Washburn University
School of Law Library, Topeka, Kansas.

Wisconsin Bar Legal Assistance
If you need help with a legal issue, the State Bar of Wisconsin's Lawyer Referral and Information Service is a good start. In just a few short minutes, you can obtain the name of an attorney in your geographic area to help you with your legal need. Or, you can pursue other options for resolving your issue.

Wisconsin State Law Library
Use this site to access statutory, administrative and case law for federal, state and tribal jurisdictions as well as secondary resources such as legal forms.

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