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Reference Resources

Student Resources

APA: an introduction to citation Form requires pdf to view
Why do we use APA?

Disabilities Equipment Available at WITC
A photographic list of assistive equipment available for students with disabilities.

Getting Started with Excel
As a spreadsheet application, Microsoft® Excel is used to enter text and numbers to be organized, calculated and analyzed. This site contains a self-paced interview.

Peterson's Planner
This web site is a searchable guide for choosing school, from k-12 to college and from graduate schools to continuing-education programs, even summer camps. Admission-test preparation and financial-aid planning are important elements available for both students and parents, along with information on study-abroad programs and help for international students.

Study Skills Library - On-Line Study Skills Improvement Information
Resources from California Polytechnic State University

Evaluation Techniques of Internet Resources

This is an index of websites and various materials designed to teach evaluation skills of web pages. The goal is to encourage critical thinking abilities in order to find the most reliable and authentic information available on the internet.

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