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About MyWITC

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Q - Can I access MyWITC from off campus?

A - Yes, as long as you have access to the Internet, know your User ID and Password and use a current Web browser.

Q - How do I start using MyWITC?

A - If you're a first time student you will need to obtain a sign on first. Obtain MyWITC Sign on

If you are a returning student you will need to know your MyWITC User ID and password. Forgot your password?

To use MyWITC, go to

Q - What do I need in order to access MyWITC?

A - You will need to know your MyWITC User ID and password. You will also need Internet access and a recent version of a Web browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer) installed on your computer.

Q - What is My WITC User ID and Password?

A - For User ID and Password information visit the Student Login Information page.

Q - How do I obtain / change MyWITC User ID and password?

A - Fill out and submit the "Reset Password / Obtain Sign On" form on MyWITC.

Q - Can I use my browser’s "BACK" button to navigate within MyWITC?

A - Using your browser’s "BACK" button may result in navigational errors. Always use MyWITC navigational links to navigate within MyWITC!

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