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Registering for Classes

1.  At your home tab, click on Enroll - Credit Classes Only.

2.  Then click on Enroll in a Class

3.  Select a term to enroll in.  Note:  You will see the most recent term when it is activated and you are scheduled to enroll.


4.  At the View My Schedule Page - Click on the Add Classes Link.

5.   You are now ready to type in the five digit class numbers for the courses you wish to enroll in. Then click the Submit button.
If you do not know your class numbers, click on the looking glass next to the Class Nbr field and see the directions below for Searching the Class Schedule. If you receive a "Success" message in the Add Status column you are enrolled in all of your classes and no further action is needed. Other possible messages include:

6.  . To view or print your schedule, click on the View My Schedule link. You can then print your schedule
using your browser print function. Please note: in order to not cutoff the right side of your schedule, set your printer to landscape print mode.

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