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Searching for your Class Schedule

Image of Basic Class Search

  1. After clicking on the looking glass looking glass image from the Add Class page the Basic Class Search page will display. Note: you can also arrive at this page from your main menu by selecting the Schedule of Classes link and then selecting an institution and term to search.

  2. In order to use the Class Search function in either the Basic or Advanced mode you will need to enter minimally two criteria for the search. Note: Open Classes Only is selected and is considered a search criteria. If you would like to see closed classes as well, deselect Open Classes Only.

  3. TIP:A "closed" class is typically a class that is filled--there are no more slots available for enrollment, although students may be able to place themselves on a class waiting list if the waiting list functionality has been made active for a particular class.
  4. Enter either the Subject code, catalog number or campus. If you would like additional search criteria, the Advanced Search link adds instructor name, start and end times and days of the week.

  5. Once you have entered two search criteria, select the Search button.

    Image of Search Class Results
  6. Click on the class select button check box image.
  7. After selecting the class the Class Enrollment Options page will display. Click on the OK button. Then continue to follow the instructions for Enroll in/Add a Class (step 4) Note: WITC does not use class permission numbers. Please disregard this message.
  8. If you get the following "Maximum number of records found".... message - click OK to proceed.
    Maximum number of records.... warning message

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