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WITC receives top marks in graduate follow-up survey

Each year, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College surveys graduates to find out how well their degree or diploma prepared them for their career. The results reveal an impressive record of academic excellence and valuable career perspective. The trend continues as WITC has recently released the results from its 2007-2008 Graduate Follow-up Survey.

“The results confirm to WITC administration, faculty, and staff that the college is providing skilled workers that are prepared for a wide range of career challenges to area employers,” said Jennifer Kunselman, WITC’s research and planning coordinator.

The survey showed that 98 percent of the graduates said they were satisfied with the training they received at WITC. Additionally, 91 percent of the graduates were hired within just six months of graduating – 75 percent of those employed were able to start their career in an occupation related to their training.

Of those employed, 78 percent are working in Wisconsin – 66 percent are working in the 11-county WITC district. The average starting salary was $30,171 annually.

The six-month study of 2007-2008 graduates included 1,697 graduates who completed associate degree and technical diplomas at WITC campuses and learning center. Out of that total, 1,427 graduates responded to either the mailed questionnaire or the follow-up telephone contact, creating a response rate of 84 percent.

“WITC values the results of this study because it reveals an impressive track record of academic excellence in our graduates,” Kunselman said. The data also provides valuable career outlook information for future graduates as well as prospective students.”

For a copy of this report or specific questions about how the survey was conducted, please call the Office of Research and Planning at the WITC Administrative Office at 800.243.9483 or visit