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Sen. Sheila Harsdorf meets with WITC Student Senate

A group from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s Student Senate Association recently met with Wisconsin State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf on the WITC-New Richmond campus.

Sen. Sheila Harsdorf recently met with WITC-New Richmond's Student Senate. The group talked about her role in Madison and about funding technical colleges. About 20 students representing many of the programs available attended the meeting.

Of particular discussion was funding for the technical colleges. Harsdorf reminded students that they are a “mouthpiece” in their communities – they need to tell people about the quality of education they’re receiving. Harsdorf also talked about the strengths of the technical colleges due to the close ties to business and industry through the college’s advisory committees for each program.

“One of the great strengths about the technical college is that it stays in touch with local business and learns the needs of the employer. Then the college responds quickly to meet employers’ needs,” Harsdorf says.


Sen. Harsdorf stops to visit with Dwayne Nelson of Stillwater, Minn., center, and Danny Nicholson of River Falls, right, about their studies in WITC's Agriculture Power and Equipment Program.

The senator toured campus and visited with many staff, faculty and students. The meeting with Harsdorf was set up by WITC’s Student Senate Association President Jeff Steen, an Automated Packaging Systems student. The Student Senate Association advisor at WITC-New Richmond is Edna Grotjahn Early.