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Stenberg retires after 29 years at WITC: Crandall named interim VP

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s registrar Mimi Crandall has been named the interim vice president, student affairs and Ashland campus administrator. Crandall’s official start date was June 16. She took over for Mary Stenberg, who retired on July 4 after 29 years at WITC.

 “I’m coming home to people I’ve worked closely with in many realms of technical college education,” Crandall said. “My career in post secondary education began at the Ashland Campus more than 26 years ago. It is exciting to come full circle and be part of the campus again in this challenging leadership role.”

 Stenberg was hired by WITC in 1979 to provide career-planning services to the community, primarily high school students.

 “I think I worked with 400-500 people each year,” Stenberg said. “The whole idea was to help people make good career decisions.”

 In 1996, Stenberg became a counselor and later, in 1998, the dean of students. In July 2006, she stepped up as the campus administrator and was influential in pushing student services to the vice president level.

 Stenberg has been a part of student services, making a difference in the lives of students, as well as mentoring WITC staff. When asked what she will miss the most, the answer is simple: the people.

 “I think about all the people I’ve helped to hire, coach and develop,” she said. “The most rewarding thing though, is that I feel really good about all the students I’ve helped. Being part of WITC, I know I’ve made a difference.”

 The decision was made to not fill the vice president, student affairs and campus administrator position until July 1, 2009. By waiting until November or December to start recruitment efforts, the college believes it will gain access to a larger pool of candidates. Until then, Stenberg is confident that Crandall will successfully fill her new role.

 “Mimi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the vice president of student affairs and Ashland Campus administrator position,” Stenberg said. “Mimi has served the college in two interim positions as the campus dean of students at Superior and New Richmond. She also served as the dean of student services for the college for 10 years. There is no one at WITC better prepared in the area of student services than Mimi.”