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Danczyk Named Semifinalist in Futurefest Video Contest

Renee Danczyk’s video for the recent Futurefest competition earned her a spot as a semifinalist.

With a touch of humor and plenty of facts and statistics, Renee Danczyk has set herself apart from the competition.  Danczyk was recently chosen as a semifinalist in a state-wide video competition, Futurefest, sponsored by the Wisconsin Technical College System. Five videos were submitted from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College students.  A panel of judges at WITC determined the semifinalist who will compete statewide for one of three cash prizes.  Finalists will be announced in late March.

 The Futurefest contest asked students to present their vision for the future. Danczyk, a first-year student in WITC’s associate degree nursing (ADN) program, wanted her video to highlight the need for skilled nurses, as well as the opportunities in the field.  “In the area of nursing, it’s pretty open field as far as where you can go and job opportunities,” Danczyk said. “I also wanted to let people know what they need to be employable, and that’s where WITC comes in.”

 Danczyk said she worked closely with her instructor Jill Sauld on the concept of the video and the script.  Danczyk’s video opens with a patient calling for a nurse and fades to a skeleton holding a sign that indicates the extent of his illness.  Danczyk wanted to use that bit of humor to demonstrate the lack of nurses in the workforce and the impact it has on patient care.  Her video went on to share statistics regarding the need for nurses and the different opportunities available. 

 The WITC panel of judges was impressed with Danczyk’s ability to convey her message. One judge commented, “This video was very well done. Great information, well-paced and filmed nicely.”

 Danczyk, who is not competitive by nature, was surprised to learn she was WITC’s semifinalist.  She said the experience was fun and a chance to be creative, as well as learn new skills. Danczyk is on track to graduate from the ADN program in May 2010.  She plans to continue her education to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degrees and would eventually like to work in a geriatric-care setting.

 These WITC students also submitted videos for the competition: Jordan Kuschel, Aaron Pablo, Nick Segner, Mitch Frederick and Jesse Nellis.